Ever since the start of 2014 we have worked towards craftmanship and transparancy. Made in our own Atelier in the Netherlands. We always knew this was only the beginning. Our roots lay in garment design, so for us it was a logical step to bring Dyemond Goods to its next chapter. Honest, quality made goods that follow the same philosophy as to how we started many years ago. That means small family-owned ateliers, in Portugal and Japan. Custom and deadstock fabrics and clearly thought details that will empower durability. And an open book. The world around is changing rapidly and we want to do good. We are saving deadstock denim fabric and make custom developed knits to ensure every piece is made too last.

Consumers are overstimulated with collection after collection from big retailers. It’s time for change. Support small retail. Support the brands that are doing the right thing. That care about the environment and never compromise ethical standards. Buy quality of quantity. We can all work towards a brigther future. A phrase that will be marked in all our garments.

How will we do this? Transparancy. It’s time to start explaining what we actually do. We will disclose as much as we can. We will trace every step of the process. What is the origin of the cotton fiber? Where was is spun, dyed and knitted? All the way up the production site. We want to explain where you garment comes from and who made it possible. Impossible? Maybe, but we believe it is the right thing to do. There are hardworking proud people behind our garments and they all have a family and a story to tell.