All our goods are designed, developed and made by hand in my workshop. Every product that leaves the workshop is carefully crafted from high spec materials, selected to fit our functional design philosophy. The leather on all of our products is vegetable tanned. This means the leather will change over time. It will add character and a story to all of our products. All products are cut, sewn and finished in The Netherlands.

I care deeply about the environment. All leather is vegetable tanned. No chemicals are used in the process. My workshop is completely powered by solar energy. I aim to make our planet a better place. Every day I thrive to do a little bit better.

I encourage everyone to support small business. Whether it is big or small. Buy quality over quantity. Love something for years, not days or weeks. In the end we fall back to the things we value the most. I want to make timeless design that lasts and still captivates the eye and soul after many years.